Line Stopping and Bypass Construction

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Whether it is a planned alteration, diversion or a temporary repair that cannot be carried out while your pipeline is under pressure, we can provide a full range of line stopping solutions tailored to your pipeline requirements.

We can build a by-pass to ensure continuity of service to your customers, while work is carried out on your pipeline.  We work in partnership with Flow Stop Services to offer specialist and innovative line stopping solutions that are designed to cater for all pipe diameters and material for a safe, planned approach to the isolation of a section of your pipeline.  Our teams are proficient and experienced with all modern approaches to flow stopping with the right equipment to offer the right solution for your specific pipeline requirements.

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MLS - The latest innovative line stopping solution for medium pressure gas pipelines

The RadiusPLUS Minimuss Line Stop (MLS) has been developed to offer a smart time and cost-saving solution for flow-stopping operations on metallic pipelines up to 16" for medium pressure applications.  The technology uses fittings with a lower profile that are quick and easy to install to facilitate the equipment installation and the deployment of our specially designed robust inflatable bags.

• Installation time saving compared to existing solutions
• Increased safety - no need for lifting aids as equipment is lightweight
• No need to concrete the tee after equipment removal
• Full valve retrieval
• Operation cost savings

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  • Steel or plastic by-pass construction with full on-site welding capabilities
  • Inflatable bag stop up to 630 mm and 48"
  • IRIS flow stop up to 24 "
  • Folding head plug up to 36" for medium pressure
  • Squeeze-off of PE pipelines up to 500 mm
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